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ETC Sale Registration
to Sell and / or Volunteer



  • There is a $10 fee to sign up to sell at the sale. 
  • All sellers can volunteer to work one (1) shift and earn 80% profit or two (2) shifts and earn 85% profit. Note that the volunteer can be either the seller or their spouse or partner. See “Volunteer Shifts” below for more information.
  • Sellers may bring items to the sale (place items in appropriate locations within the church), not volunteer and earn 60%. Items must be tagged and on plastic hangers.
  • Managers receive 90% of their proceeds.
  • If you are late or leave early from your shift and do not make other arrangements with the scheduling manager, your percentage of pay will be reduced.


FIRST TIME SELLERS:  Our sale is run by My Consignment Manager (MyCM).  You will need a login name and password.   You can only go to MyCM by selecting this link.  MyConsignmentManager.  Select the Create user Account under New Sellers/ Volunteers.  Enter the required information and select Create Account.  

RETURNING SELLERS:  Go to MyConsignmentManager,  To register for the sale, select Register Here.  You need to select Register Here once for each sale.  After you have registered, you will only need to select the Login button going forward.



Volunteer shifts will be available within MyCM at 8pm on February 1, 2020.  Login to MyCM using your seller or volunteer account credentials, then click "Volunteer" to sign up.  

Reminder: Sellers must sign up for at least 1 shift for 80% of your sales profit or 2 shifts for 85% of your sales profit.  Sellers that do not choose to volunteer will receive 60% of their sales profit.